Students are often given different essays in their examinations. They are required to write an essay on any of the given topics. However, it is important for the students to know the essay style i.e. argumentative, cause and effect, critical analysis etc. An argumentative essay is different from other essays, for it follows a particular style and composition. In this essay, a student is required to give pros and cons of the given topic. Moreover, the student is required to support one aspect of the essay. Hence the arguments are given on that supporting aspect.

It should be clear that the students are persuading an aspect of the essay. Therefore they must give the arguments in its favor. But the care must be taken of the other side of the topic.

Never the less, the following guiding principles will help students to write a perfect argumentative essay.

Stage 1:  Planning

In an argumentative essay, there are certain important elements which should be noted down and planned appropriately. Hence few minutes must be given to planning.

Stage2:  Finding an appropriate topic

The taste and knowledge of students – area of interest – is important before the selection of final topic. Hence an appropriate topic must be found for writing an argumentative essay.

Stage 3: Taking a position – for or against

After the selection of the topic, the next stage comes when one supports a particular point which is either in support or against. However, it should be kept in mind that the both sides of the topic must be contested equally, without showing any prejudices.

Stage 4: compiling the essay and making a draft

The last stage of an argumentative essay is to compile all the points and make a good draft of it. The essay should be well introduced and properly concluded along with an appropriate body.

The above guide will make the task of writing an argumentative essay easy for the students. Besides, the following instructions must be followed to avoid any mistake.

  • There should be no emotional language.
  • The essay must be logically concluded.
  • The sources must be cited properly.
  • It is important to make an outline.

An argumentative essay is a type of essay in which a student gives the positive and negative side of the topic. However, the student supports one idea for the conclusion. The above guidance and the instructions will help students in writing a good argumentative essay.

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