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Attention-Grabbing Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are not too easy to write as they require good and exceptional arguing skills so that one can convince others about his/her point of view and to mold his/her thinking and belief in the way the writer wants them to be.

5 Paragraph Essay Never Been too Easy Before

5 paragraph essay as the name indicates is an essay that would consist of 5 paragraphs.  Theses 5 paragraphs are introductory paragraph, 3 paragraphs that form the body of the essay and the concluding paragraph. The first paragraph is the introductory paragraph which informs the essay readers what is the topic of the essay all

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Essay: Value of price discounting

A good example is of a company that values price discounting to beat its competitors that given by Muhtar Kent, the Coca Cola president. He has been able to make Coca-Cola products very popular all over the world. He believes that that the three thumb rules need to be applied. These are discounting briefly, discounting

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