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Essays are the most important part of students’ life, they write different essays in their academic life. However, the level of these essays is different in different levels. At college, students are confronted with a little higher level in terms of knowledge and presentation. They are supposed to show the maturity of thoughts. Furthermore, their capability of analysis is gauged as well.

Undoubtedly, writing of an essay, and a good essay, is not an easy task. It takes years to master such technique. Besides, the knowledge factor is important. If one is unaware of the topic, then one cannot attempt an essay. None the less, this article would provide students a helping hand in securing good marks in essay. Some of the important steps are as following for writing a good college essay.

Step 1: choice of essay topic

The first step in any situation where a multiple choices are given is selection. Essay also follows the same way of selection – selecting a topic. However, it is the deciding step, for the attempt of an essay depends on the selection of a topic. Wrong selection may lead to a futile attempt. Therefore, the students must select a topic to which they know and have knowledge of the subject. Moreover, the general interest can take precedence as well, but with the criteria of having matter on such subject.

Step 2: making an outline

After the successful selection of the topic, next step is to make an outline, keeping the nature of the essay in mind. This includes the line up of the points to be discussed in the body. Besides, the introduction and the conclusion is also decided on the basis of the discussion in the essay.

Step3: writing of essay and checking for grammatical mistakes

This is the final step in the writing of the essay, for it includes the drafting of the essay. Moreover, on the successful completion, grammatical mistakes must be checked in order to give it a final touch.

College essays are often tricky in their nature, for they demand knowledge and writing skills, failing to which one cannot secure good marks. This article provides the adequate guidance to enable the students to write a good college essay.

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