Critical analysis essay

If you have trouble in writing a critical analysis essay, then the following article would help you to overcome on that problem.

Almost every student in his/her university or college life is given an assignment to write a critical analysis essay. It becomes the part and parcel of the academic life. However, the said essay type is not as essay to write as it sounds. It requires the power of analysis and a well thought approach. None the less, every literate person must have an idea of writing a analytical piece of writing, for it comes across in the daily working be it an office or at some other working place.

As the above mentioned essay type – critical analysis essay – requires the personal opinion in the subject, the writer must be well versed with the given topic so that he could give his personal thoughts on it. For example, if a critical analysis essay: Energy crises in world, comes then the writer must be well prepared and must know the energy sector of the world to give any analysis. Otherwise, the essay would remain incomplete.

Besides, the point of view must be backed with solid arguments and data. There should be clear presentation of the facts regarding the issue, its reasons and its remedies.

Moreover, the following tips will cater the needs of a writer who wants to write a critical essay.

Using various arguments:

The critical analysis essay must use the arguments and opinions of various experts. These arguments can be in support of your opinions and can also be against your views.

Give evidence:

The writer must give evidence in support of his/her ideas. He must persuade the reader as to why his/her point is more important from the other ones.

Using comparative technique:

The writer must compare and contrast and provide the statistical data in support.


After a through critical discussion, the writer must, without being biased, give the conclusion of the topic. It can be a statement or a suggestion in the light of the discussion.

Critical analysis essay is an important type of essay which brings forward the different aspects of the topic critically. In the light of above tips, it will be easy for the students to write this type of essay with full command and authority.

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