Essay: Ancient History

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This paper shall address a number of key questions about ancient civilization. Primary areas of concern will be the degree of significance that urban life holds for a civilization, the general characteristics of life regardless of historical period, some of the first of western civilizations and the contributions to western civilization that they have made.

The Mesopotamian civilization, which is expected to have spanned from 3500 to 3000 BC was one that is considered to be one of the first western civilizations because of the fact that they were a civilization which excelled in the production of arts and crafts. Their expertise was of such a degree that their goods were sold in neighboring lands. The evidence which indicates towards the Mesopotamians being the first western civilization comes from the records of the business that they performed (Coffin and Stacey 11). The cuneiform accounts of their business dealings have been studied to be as old as that of 3200 BC which serves to indicate that the Mesopotamians were one of the first of western civilizations.

However, the Mesopotamians were not the only civilization that can be considered to be the first of the western civilization. Egyptian pyramids have been found to date back to as early as 2600 BC. The Egyptian civilization made remarkable contributions to the western civilization in the fields of arts, science, religion, philosophy, industry, government and agriculture. The Egyptians developed what is considered to be the first of the world’s governments and develop their society in technical and agricultural areas to assist them in their day to day functions of trade and regular life (Coffin and Stacey 24). They concentrated on areas such as writing and made landmark developments in literature and philosophy as well.

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