Essay: Barrack Obama’s Stimulus Plan

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Barrack Obama has chosen to single out five key areas that his Stimulus Plan will address. These are energy, roads and bridges, schools, broadband and electronic medical records. It is evident that even if not entirely similar to it, Barrack Obama’s Stimulus Plan does hold similarity to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. Primary areas of similarity in this regard are schools, roads and bridges and the energy sector.

Similar to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, Obama’s Stimulus Plan attempts to take swift action in order to revive the American economy. This particular characteristic goes beyond the Stimulus Plan and the New Deal itself since it shows a deeper similarity between the Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Obama administration. Like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Obama chose to take the most serious and prominent of actions in his first few days in the office and chose to develop and pass a plan that is designed to increase government spending,

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was meant to provide the American people with jobs to run their homes and finance their lives (Hoar, 2009). The New Deal was comprised of numerous plans that were meant to create jobs through the development of the country’s infrastructure. Programs such as the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps allowed young men to earn enough money so that they could survive without having to resort to unfair means. Similarly, Obama’s Stimulus Plan aims to develop new jobs through an expansion of projects.

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