Essay: Who Needs Bodhisattva the Most

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The quest for taking away the suffering from all beings at the cost of giving away one’s own comfort is the most primary of priorities for the bodhisattva. The bodhisattva does not turn his back from hard times and does not feel scared of or threatened from adverse circumstances or situations that may cause any discomfort or harm to the bodhisattva. He is always willing to sacrifice himself so that others may have a better development of their soul. The bodhisattva vows and dedicates his life to fighting against all forms of pain, discomfort, evil and sin that plague the people of the world he has been made responsible for by the inner peace that he has achieved.

To the Bodhisattva, the people who are spending their lives in the thirst for wealth and are engaging every instant of their limited life in the race to acquire worldly possessions and to satisfy worldly desires are people who are in the need of the Bodhisattva the most. It is these people that the Bodhisattva tries to save and tries to bring them to peace of heart and realization and achievement of nirvana. Hence, it is the singular presence of all of God’s creations that the Bodhisattva gives room to in his heart. His mind and heart continue to contemplate how he can be of service to the people who are ailed with the perplexities of the material world and are lost in the pain and misery that the world captivates them in. To the Bodhisattva, the only purpose in life is to bring deliverance to these sick souls. In this quest, the Bodhisattva is willing to sacrifice his life and his property if the time calls for it. Not only is the Mahayana Bodhisattva willing to sacrifice his very life but he does not refrain from sacrificing every possession that he holds to his name if he can rid somebody of pain and discomfort by doing so.

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