Essay: Character of Spiderman

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Spiderman meets the expectations of the genre in the most sincere manner when considered in light of the fact that the very theme of the movie is one that incorporates stunts and feats of exceptional strength and might. Perhaps the most obvious manner in which the film meets the criteria for the action genre is that the lead character of spider-man is one that is based on a highly extraordinary concept. The hero is one who possesses powers that are beyond any that a human being could posses and he chooses to make use of these powers to defend the law by fighting injustice and crime, hence giving foundation to the very component that positions the movie as one that can be ideally classified as an action movie.

Other action movies such as Hulk (Bana, Connelly and Elliot), Blade (Snipes, Dorff and Kristofferson), and the like are ones in which the plot evolves as a result of the development of the characters brought about as a result of the action sequences. In the case of Spiderman 1 and Spiderman 2 however, the characters are found to be ones that attempt to lead normal lives and therefore display insecurities and vulnerabilities that one would expect to see in a real life setting. It is this factor that sets both the movies apart from other action movies. In Spiderman 1 and Spiderman 2, the action sequences come forth as the effects of these insecurities.

When considering how the film contests, departs from, or adds to the expectations of its genre, it is highly important to note however, that both the movies deviate from complete compliance with the definition of an action movie presented above. Proof of this statement can be found in the fact that the plots for Spiderman 1 and Spiderman 2 incorporate a significant degree of dialogue and it is during the dialogue that the characters form perceptions of each other (Maguire, Dunst and Franco).

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