Essay: The Columbian Exchange

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The “Columbian Exchange” has been one of the most prominent of historical events that has introduced two worlds separated by geographical and social distances together. Of course the battle for dominance of ecology, agriculture and culture was won by the visitors, but even so, the role that disease played in this battle was monumental, as Crosby highlights.

Societies that had previously been isolated and were evolving in their own terms were exposed to a new society as an exchanging of crops, culture and livestock took place. But beyond all that was visible, was a far deeper exchange. Diseases such as Influenza, Measles, Bubonic plague and countless others were exposed to the New World as Great Pox and Yaws came to the Old World.

Amongst the more prominent of exchanges are those of corn, maize, horses, disease and sugar. In the realm of ideas however, the New World brought social concepts of liberty, corporate structure and ecology to the Old World.

The Columbian Exchange is considered to be a development in terms of social structures, but devastating in terms of biological consequences. Positive developments in terms of food, livestock and social infrastructure were observed. However, none of this development was abrupt, since the first trade of societies began with that of slaves. The transatlantic slave trade was booming within decades of

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