Essay: The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism‏

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“The Crusader Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” by Paul Kengor is considered to be a historical reevaluation of the life and tenure of ex-President of the U.S. Ronald Reagan. The author presents an account of the life of Ronald Reagan in such a way that has not been done before and makes all efforts to take the reader through the struggle of forty long years which Ronald Reagan made against Communists and Communism in all its forms. The book recounts the tenure of Reagan’s presidency in the cold war era and the use of all forms of direct and indirect warfare to defeat the Soviet empire. In the coming paragraphs of this paper, light shall be shed upon the book and how the author has evaluated the Reagan administration with regard to the policies and revolutions that it brought about in order to eradicate communism.

This book sets out a remarkable view of how Ronald Reagan became a historical figure in his fight against Communism and emerged as a savior to millions across the globe from the scars that Communism had left after a long, painful and detrimental establishment. The author takes the reader from early 1940s when Reagan raised voice against Nazi till the end of his two terms of presidency which had been a constant struggle that Ronald Reagan had exerted in his quest to eradicate communist elements from taking root in the United States as well as the very Soviet Empire. The reader is taken through the tough and sometimes unavoidable decisions that Reagan had to make and how they turned out when they were executed as well as how they contributed to the eventual conclusion of Reagan’s political career.

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