Essay: Curing a Concrete Batch

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There are a number of methods that can be applied to cure a concrete batch.  For instance, Moist Curing is usually used for flat or generally horizontal surfaces such as a roof or a deck. One can use Ponding by constructing a barrier is constructed along the sides of the concreted surface and Ponding the top of the concrete. It is then left in this condition for the time period required for the cement to cure. However, the factor of availability of water and evaporation of water can become a problem in certain construction scenarios.

Here, the cement batch can be covered with wet sand or wetted hessian and other such absorbent coverings can be brought in to use. Spraying is another commonly used method where Ponding cannot be used. Once the concrete has hardened, sprinklers are commonly used in saturation like these to ensure a relatively higher humidity level. Covering with wet sand wetted hessian or absorbent covering once the concrete has hardened is another option for curing the cement. The wet sand can be used as a covering to ensure that no loss of moisture occurs. However, this method only prevents the humidity of the concrete to decrease through evaporation. Hence it does not match the efficiency that spraying or Ponding can provide. Steam Curing, membrane Curing and covering the concrete with a plastic sheet before it hardens are also techniques used to allow for a good curing of the concrete. However in all the above mentioned techniques of curing, temperature remains the prime factor to be taken care of (NPTEL, 2008). Since a high surrounding temperature can cause the humidity level to reach unwanted levels and cause damage to the concrete to weaken during the curing process.

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