Essay: Customer Buying Habits


Buying habits can be affected by many different aspects depending upon the location of a store to the way that customers are treated. Stores understand that demographic and psychographic data is very helpful in understanding motives for customer purchases. Therefore, stores partner with consultants to understand what motivates customers to buy. Stores understand that price is not the only factor that motivates buying. Stores also closely study the strategic motivation of their competitors to see how they compete on terms of service provided and aesthetic factors.

Feedback received from consultants help stores make the required improvements to motivate customers and avoid losses. For motivating customers firms and organizations pay great attention to motivation strategies by understanding issues linked to the psychology of what customers think, feel reason and select between the different brands of products offered. They also try to understand the behavior of customers while shopping and the influence that is exerted by the environment.  Retailers also understand that consumers are also influenced by the limitation of their knowledge about different products and stores have specially trained sales staff to improve the customer’s knowledge.

 Businesses also make special tailor made campaigns for different segments of the target population so that the potential customer is motivated to buy In attempting to understand consumer behavior, businesses study individuals, groups such as friends and the type of clothes the person, his/her educational background, and lifestyle. Products are then made to satisfy the needs of the consumer and also understand what impact the products will have among the consumer’s sphere of influence. Consumer behavior envisages the use and the disposal of the product and research as to how and why certain brands or products are more in demand than others. Product use greatly interests the store because this will decide the positioning of the product to increase consumption and buying.

 Because most consumer products are disposed off after use in sewer systems or landfills, the method of use and disposal is also of interest to marketers because of environmental regulations and concerns. Consumer behavior should also be understood whether it involves services or tangible products. However, marketers must fully understand the impact that their products have on society. As an example, marketing of foods that have too much or aggressively promoting easy credit can have serious consequences on the national health and economy. Sometimes the attitudes of customers towards such products and companies are not encouraging so this has to be considered for understanding customer motivation to buy or reject a certain brand or product


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