Essay: Decision making by Consultants


The realization that it might not be possible to get all the correct facts is no reason to avoid decision making by trying to get as many facts as you can. Sometimes consultants make decisions without considering all the pertinent facts, or they may be biased in favor of one party and might make a decision that favors the party. This is highly unethical, and consultants must avoid such decision as this may harm their reputation irreparably.  The consultant must identify all ethical issues connected with the problem and the areas and principles under discussion. Usually, there are several issues accompanying an individual matter so do not try and make the decision that is easy to make or do the first thing that enters his mind.


 The consultant can base his decision-making process on the virtues identified in the issue based on his duty to making a fair decision and what the consequences of the decision will be to those who have to implement the decision. The stakeholders are all the parties that will be affected by the decision including the consultant who is making the decision and those people who are directly or indirectly influenced by said decision. Frequently this process of stakeholder positions clarifies relationships as to who will benefit the most and who will be harmed the most.   The recognition of all participants and stakeholders is a positive step to arrive at a decision based on the probable consequences.


 The consultant must address priorities in the decision-making and the negative and positive results and not just probable results.  Here it helps to know the overall impact the decision will have and the duration of the outcome and how the decision will be received within the organization. Personal integrity is taken from the virtue theory which asks the question as the character of the community of consultants of which the consultant is a member and what would their response in a similar dilemma. Another question is whether the decision that the consultant is appreciated by his contemporaries and would the decision makes the consultant feel, pleased or embarrassed.


More important is how the consultant would personally feel after making this decision and whether he would see himself as a person of integrity. They consider must also consider professional ethics and where his duties lie in presenting an ethical decision.            The consultant must consider the alternatives which would make this decision more equitable and better. What will the decision cost those affected in terms of harm and benefits of not making the right decision or not making any decision. It would help to consider taking the advice of clients or other colleagues so that the decision can be based on popular consensus.



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