Essay: Designing Counseling Sessions

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It appears that the parents of these children are going through a similar problem. Since this is the best bet we have in bringing this bullying spree to a stop the suggested solution in this regard, is one that seeks to not only curb the bullying spree but also seeks to nip the cause of the bullying spree in the bud. The student counselors and professionals in the school should single out the children who are engaging in bullying acts. In the form of a joint committee, the counselors, professionals and social workers will study the children’s behavior to understand the fundamental causes of their decision to bully.

Having done so, the committee can use the PTA to hold meetings to which the children’s parents can be invited. In these meetings, the committee constituting the social workers, counselors, and professionals will present their findings to the parents and will then proceed to provide the parents with counseling and parenting training to address the issues that may be causing the parents to become active ingredients of their children’s decision to bully. These seminar based meetings can also serve to allow parents with similar problems to come together and interact with each other in order to endow them with support and encouragement.

However, in order to design the counseling sessions in a manner such that the problems being faced by the subject parents are being addressed, it is essential that the committee acquires an understanding of the reasons that are causing the social unrest. In order to so, it is also recommended that the committee interviews the parents and the parent are allowed to express their opinions on the causes that are leading them towards social unrest in the best interest of their children. While the periodically held counseling sessions are underway, the committee comprising of professionals, counselors, teachers and professionals will continuously study the children’s’ behavior in order to understand whether or not the counseling sessions are yielding the desired output.

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