Essay: A Divide between the American Nation

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The Southerners had developed a way of life which was quite different from the North as the majority of them were land-owners and hence, slaves were a necessity for their economic survival. Hence, the argument presented by Potier makes more logical sense as this issue was the key factor behind creating a divide between the American nation. When the basic livelihood of the Southern was brought into question especially since it was a fundamental part of their way of life, it resulted in a growing sense of unrest and conflict. The greater interference of the Northern territories and the Federal authorities into this key matter of the Southern affairs resulted in a divide of thought and understanding.

As the political system, these key variations were the cause behind the collapse of the Two-Party system as well as over time, these regions thinking process was too different to find any common ground. As long as the issue of slavery and a free-soil could not be contended upon, the Southerners were never willing to back any political party which had anti-slave sentiments.

Hence, by the time the Republican Party came into power, the Southerners had lost most of their trust and confidence in a central authority which was far removed from their way of life and which clearly refused to allow the possibility of a system in which slavery could be allowed. The conflict over the Missouri compromise was a key indicator to the vast differences that had developed over time and hence, civil war’s eventuality was unquestionable.

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