Essay Editing

Undoubtedly, writing an essay is a daunting task which demands skill and knowledge along with good written expression. Moreover, some other peculiarities are also taken under consideration. However, at the completion of an essay, the most important step starts: proofreading and editing of essay. This requires practice and understanding of many grammatical rules. Unless an essay is edited properly, good marks cannot be secured.

Through essay editing, which involves the addition of some ideas or deletion of few things, comes strength to an essay. One can improve the structure and the form of the material by editing it. An unedited essay has many mistakes and can affect the marks, if the essay is not edited properly.

Many of the students consider essay editing as a difficult task. But actually, it is comprises of few important steps. Some of the steps and guidelines are as under.

Text evaluation:

The first most important step is the text evaluation which involves the careful examination of the material in terms of given topic. It is checked whether the written essay is complying with the instructions given in the statement. Everything which is against the main idea is eliminated and deleted.

Examination of punctuation:

This step involves the examination of the punctuations used in the draft. Unnecessary punctuations can harm the flow of the essay. However, important punctuations are made sure to be used as per requirement.

Spelling check:

This step ensures that every word is correctly used as per its spelling. There should not be any spelling mistakes, for it sends a bad impression on the examiner. Especially college and university essays must be free of any spelling mistake.

Grammatical check:

The most crucial and the most significant steps in essay editing are checking of grammatical mistakes. Any grammatical mistake can ruin the whole essay, for it sends a really bad impression on the examiner. Moreover, the sentence structure is also checked for free flowing essay. Extra words are removed.

Essay editing is the last step in the essay writing. But on can term it the deciding factor, for it removes a lot of unseen mistakes in editing process. The above steps will help students to edit their essay.

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