Essay: Entering Mahayana Bodhisattva

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A person who chooses to enter Mahayana Bodhisattva works on six aspects of his person (Essortment, 2008). These six aspects include that of generosity, ethics, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom. Generosity is a trait not very commonly found in human kind, the unselfish desire, to put others wants, needs, requirements and satisfaction before one’s own. One always searches for personal gain, a means to benefit oneself. But according to Buddhist teachings the potential to benefit one’s self and by doing this, in turn benefiting countless others. This is the teachings of Buddhism, the need for self actualization in the form of selflessness, working for the good of others, concerning oneself with providing solutions for other suffering from the infliction of various situations.

Ethics and moralistic virtue is one of the components of the 6 Perfections. Knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil and being able to hold a veneer of control over oneself, that is what Buddhism preaches. Patience corresponds to anger, and anger dominates a person’s actions in negative aspects. Therefore once again a veneer of calmness must at any cost take over the sensation of effused anger. Patience gives an aspect of happiness and peace. Effort is the driving force to achieve something this virtue is highly required to join the prestigious Bodhisattva. The reason for this is that in order to join, there are many virtues one must possess and if not possess then must procure within oneself, and for this relentless effort is required.

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