Essay: The Evolution of Characters in Spiderman

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The evolution of the characters in Spiderman takes on as much contribution from the dialogue as it does from the occurrence of events that serve to classify the film as an action movie. For instance, in Spiderman 2, the villain, Dr. Octavius, is persuaded to make up for the loss and destruction that he has caused by submitting to the desires of the machine he has created. It is shown that Spiderman manages to convince Dr. Octavius of the fallacy of the mistake that he is making (Maguire, Dunst and Franco). As a result of this very dialogue, the hero manages to kill the villain by using no force other than that of persuasion through dialogue.

Also, in the concluding scenes of the very same movie, the hero’s friend, Harry Osborn, sees a vision of his father in the mirror that leads his morality to convert from innocent to one that is nothing but purely villainous. This change in the character is also brought about as a result of the augmentation of dialogue in a scenario that otherwise appears to satisfy the thrill and action of the action movie genre.

The essence of the deviation from the rudimentary definition of an action movie that is present in Spider-man 1 and Spider-man 2 can be comprehended through the fact that while in other action movies such as those constituting the Die Hard series (Willis, Long and Olyphant), the characters are not always in motion when the plot takes a twist, they are either stationary or are present in a scenario where there is no sign of violence or hostility.

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