Essay: Exchange of Organisms

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The Native Americans on the other hand, were a relatively fragile people. Their bodies were not used to complex organisms such as the kind that the Europeans brought with them. Hence, this exchange of organisms turned into an exchange of diseases and genocide of forms took place before anybody could realize exactly what had happened. The Native Americans came as a large population with a weak immune system to the diseases and this led to the transformation of various diseases into epidemics that wiped out more than half of the native population; and with them, their culture. Most of the more major parts of South America did not require the deployment of armies in order to be conquered, since the unintentional revelation of disease had already weakened the natives to degrees where they were unable to put up any form of resistance at all.

In terms of retrospect, one can see how all that happened was not at all completely unpredictable. In fact, the natives did not stand a chance. Their immunity were not suitably evolved to be able to compete with those of the “outsiders”. The outsiders were accustomed to adapting to changing environment because of their journeys and the extent of rapid change incorporated in the path of development that they took. The natives on the other hand were not prepared in any way for this contrast of environments. Hence, we see how biology played a silent role and became the reason for why the world is how we see it today.

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