Essay: What Great Managers do”, by Marcus Buckingham

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In “What Great Managers do”, Marcus Buckingham writes about how managers attain success in their organizations by working with what they have and how employee weaknesses can be turned into strengths and how managers can save their time and company resources by not only adapting their working habits to their valuable employees but also the training techniques that the organization implements in accordance to the nature of their employees (Buckingham, 2005).

The jest of the article is that a successful manager is one who does not waste time in the altogether rectification and eradication of the weaknesses of his employees or their ambiguous working habits, but one who builds on them.

To start off with, Marcus Buckingham has written the article as a derivation from his book, “The one thing you need to know about great managing, great leading, and sustained individual success”. For his book, that has in turn influenced this article, Buckingham singled out not only the most outstanding of business men and women but also their characteristics that distinguished them from the rest of the people interviewed and included in the many study surveys that he performed during his tenure at the Gallup Organization.

As he introduces us to the research study behind his book and the adaption of this article from it, Buckingham highlights that he could not fail to notice the presence of the commonality of a unique difference amongst the managers he found to be the most successful. In his article, it is this commonality that Buckingham believes and describes to be the central trait that successful managers absorb and exercise. Buckingham affectionately refers to that trait as the “one thing” and elaborates upon how managers can acquire it and then utilize it to the maximum advantage by complimenting it with three strategies that he states and elaborates upon in the body of his article.

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