Essay: Happiness and Health in Professional Life

Time and again, research has proved that happy employees in organizations are those that appear to have good health as well. This serves to indicate that successful employees are those that generally hold good health. But this also serves to raise the question of the reliance that health has on happiness. The fact of the matter that comes forth is that health and happiness are directly related. Each element supports the other (Pratt, 2009, p. 395). An employee who is healthy can be expected to be one who can perform adequately in the office and one who can be expected to achieve targets on time and have the energy to develop professional capabilities through exposure to work challenges and targets. Such an employee can be expected to acquire rewards and bonuses for this good performance, which can in turn be expected to contribute to the betterment of his/her health.

On the other hand, an employee who is unhappy will not be able to perform adequately in the office. The unhappy employee will be unable to give his/her complete attention to project briefings and this will hamper his/her ability to perform to the best of his abilities. His/her mind will remain preoccupied with thoughts about the source of his discontent.

One of the areas in which proof of the relationship between Happiness and Health can be found is the fact that a significant degree of attention has been given to the assurance of the presence of happiness in children’s hospitals. Organizations such as Happiness for Health provide children with toys, parties and other excuses to lighten up the hospital environment and to make their stay in hospital one in which they keep coming across reasons to remain cheery and happy (Happiness for Health, 2009). This is done for two reasons. The first reason is to ensure the fact that the child does not refuse treatment on account of the fear of the hospital environment and the second reason is to keep the child’s hopes alive under all circumstances.

If one was to take this understanding and apply it in a more generalized perspective, then we can see that the ability to remain happy and to find reasons to stay happy allow an individual to remain in the best of spirits. This in turn keeps the individual motivated and in a state of mind where the future never appears to bleak to give up. As a byproduct of this state of mind, the individual begins to make sure that the resources that are required to achieve success and to keep striving against the challenges of life are ever ready; including the individual’s own health. In this frame of reference, we can observe that happiness has a profound influence on an individual’s will to stay in good health and to develop a state of mind where life is welcomed along with its challenges.

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