Essay: Happiness and Social Life

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Being happy allows a person to appreciate the world around him/her. It allows the person to acquire an opportunity that unhappy people remain oblivious of. Individuals who are happy are generally more active because they can feel emotions more strongly and can deal with them with a state of mind that is more alert and active than one would expect an unhappy individual to posses (Devettere, 2000, p. 31). As a result, happy people generally end up socializing a lot more often and with a lot more energy than one would expect unhappy people to socialize with. It is for the very same reason that happy people can be found to have a significant number of friends and associate with whom they are on good terms. This increased volume of friends and associates in turn keeps the individuals in a state of activity which allows them to make efficient use of their energy.

This increased socialization puts them in a position where they have no extra time or energy left to indulge in corrupt or activities (Warr, 2007, p. 76). It allows the individual to make use of his/her time in an effective manner. In essence it does not leave individuals with any time to engage in laziness or in activities that would otherwise lead the person to explore unhealthy activities.

The presence of happiness supports the presence of a clear mind, which in turn contributes to the development of confidence. The confidence acquired through happiness therefore allows an individual to make decisions that he/she would refrain from taking in other circumstances. Therefore it is imperative to realize here that the development of happiness allows a person to develop confidence. This confidence in turn allows individuals to engage life’s challenges head on and to pursue goals and objectives without hesitation (Hall, 2006, p. 4). In fact, people who are happy feel confident enough to seek out challenges in life and to conquer them. In sharp contrast, an unhappy person will avoid confrontational scenarios and will choose to engage in only such circumstances where the environment is passive and where the individual does not have to play an active role.

This is because of the fact that the absence of happiness leads to the deterioration of confidence. An unhappy person experiences very little or almost no self confidence and does not believe in his/her abilities to get a task done and to achieve his/her objectives and goals. The individual feels that there is a deficiency in his/her abilities and might eventually spiral down into an inferiority complex as a direct result of the continued presence of this state of mind.

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