Essay: What is The Home Stay Sector

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Home stay as a sector has specific cultural associations. For instance, in Australia the term ‘home stay’ is associated with farmhouse accommodation, and in the United Kingdom, it is particularly associated with the English as a Foreign Language Sector. As a generic term it is used variously to refer to types of accommodation where visitors or guests pay directly or indirectly to stay in private homes.

This embraces a range of accommodation varieties including some (small) hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, and host family types of accommodation, which simultaneously span private, commercial, and social settings. Establishments such as guesthouses, boarding houses, lodging houses—sometimes used synonymously with hotels and bed and breakfasts— are also included as commercial home establishments. Therefore, the objective description of home stay is important, and so are the associations: private homes, interaction with host/family who lives on the premises, sharing of space that thereby becomes public (Morrison et al. 1996). In a traditional home stay establishment, the home is developed into a B&B or small hotel by the woman of the household to make money from her role of house-wife and her duties of house work (Farbrother 2008: p. 37-40).

It would not be unfair to say that this mode of accommodation has played a significant part in the reduction of the people checking into hotels in the last few years. In the light of this particular predicament, hotel are choosing to refer to this accommodation arrangement as a market on its own, rather the home-stay market. Having boarded the internet, the home-stay market is now exponentially developing and no longer relies on only newspaper ads and journals to get the message through (Wang and Fesenmaier 2002: 105-113). The process of finding an appropriate accommodation has become all the more rapid and efficient and countless travellers are becoming a part of this phenomenon.

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