Essay: Human Trafficking Infrastructure

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If human trafficking is to be put a hold upon, it is of the utmost importance that the developing, developed and under developed countries of the world work together to identify the push and pull of human traffic and to root out the corrupt elements in the infrastructures of governments and law enforcement agencies that they are using. It is of the utmost importance that these elements are singled out so that they can be eliminated so that their roles can be eradicated from the infrastructure of the human traffic organizations.

Human trafficking has been around for decades now and we can infer that it is assisted to a great degree by arms smuggling, drugs smuggling and human smuggling operations. It is therefore of the highest importance that we choose to realize human trafficking as a combined effect of the prolonged existence of these constituents and understand that if a stop is to be put upon human trafficking and its implications, then the first step should be to seize the channels that permit arms smuggling, drugs smuggling and human smuggling operations in the first place. This will allow for the dismemberment of the nodes of human trafficking infrastructure and will pave way for the elimination and eradication of the human trafficking infrastructure altogether. However, this eradication of the human trafficking infrastructure is only half of the measure that ought to be taken.

Perhaps an even more serious area towards which the spotlight should be focused is the damage to the individuals and the families that is caused because of human trafficking. Families are broken apart as individuals are lost without a trace for years on end (Klass, 2004). The individuals who become victims to human trafficking are far beyond any restrictions of age, gender, race or ethnicity and it is therefore necessary to realize that the damage caused by the exploitation phases of human trafficking is just as extensive.

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