Essay on Impact of Tourism Development

The local community is most possibly affected by the social effect of tourism. Cultural exchange can be done by the help of tourism which mediates the communication between tourism destination and tourists. By this, it is easy to understand each other’s manners and traditions. On the other hand, it can also show the tourists the bad culture of the community like prostitution, betting, and drugs. Tourism can cause a decrease in the moral standards of the community. Also, it can increase the tension, waning of inhabitant’s behavior and enhance in the crime rate. Human relations are also commercialized along with the progression of tourism in any community. Tourists will attain a valued and respected experience when the local community will be a strong and healthy community. When the restricted or inadequate services in public are provided to the tourist e.g. beaches, parks or gardens and also inadequate services offered by inhabitants, it produces negative impact to the visitors. Due to such reasons, the social influence of tourism has caused complex effects for hosts and tourists as well.

Education level, marital status, age, religion, gender, everyday income, and occupation are included in the social-demographic features. The inhabitants, serving as workers of the tourism organization, also prefer tourism. When the inhabitants have any family member that is a worker of tourism organization, their outlook regarding the tourism is positive as compared to the inhabitants who have no family member working in the tourism organization. Those inhabitants of community that are living there for many years as compared to the other inhabitants, usually have a negative outlook on tourism in that destination. Thus, tourism is directly influenced by the extent and duration of inhabitants residing in the local community. Inhabitant’s behavior regarding tourism is influenced by the extrinsic as well as intrinsic factors. The intrinsic factors are defined as ‘the features of the host community that influence the powers of tourism with the host community’. Duration of habitation, association with the tourism organization, employment, and vicinity to tourist locations are the factors that are included in the intrinsic factors. The outlook for tourism products and tourism effects is different between inhabitants because of the demographics due to the reason that every sector has its particular social relations with other investors.

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