Essay: Incremental Garbage Collector

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Incremental garbage collectors are the ones which would not scan each and every location and data objects. This type of scan keeps the status of wait on the whole memory. Cache problems and collections during the collection period get ruined when all the data is accessed at once (Insolvibile, 2003).

Incremental plus Conservative Garbage Collector

The above mentioned problem is solved by conservative garbage collectors who do not require any knowledge about structure of data for memory management. They suppose all data as pointer so that they can be referenced. Dilemma concerned with it is that unreferenced memory is collected sometimes and consequences contain a small wastage of memory. Majority of programming languages are able to incorporate with conservative garbage collectors. Its significance lies in the fact that they are both incremental and conservative at a time and are also open. As a substitute of employing its API, the conservative garbage collector can be used by using locators to replace system allocate. The conservative garbage collector can be run in the same way as simple collector. Downsizing of a program’s process can be done if chances of memory leak begin to appear. Both Windows and UNIX operating systems support this garbage collector (Insolvibile, 2003).

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