Essay: Life of a Star

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The rest of the star’s life is spent in the burning away of the star’s hydrogen gases in a continuous fusion process within the core of the star. This burning away of the hydrogen gases in a fusion process is commonly referred to as the main sequence of the star and it is during the course of the main sequence that the star shines as we observe it across space. The main sequence can continue for countless years that can span well into and over a billion. It is imperative to note at this point that as the main sequence continues, the star continues to lose heat and energy. In order to compensate for the lost heat and energy, the star steadily contracts in size.

Once all the hydrogen within the star has burnt away, the star eventually evolves in a manner such that the helium gases in the star fuse with the carbon to form heavier elements. In a universal perspective, the star takes on a form that is extremely heavy in terms of mass and can perhaps be considered to be some of the heaviest elements that the universe makes.

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