Essay: Manic Depression

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As a social worker, I would try to adapt myself to his mood swings, being there to listen if he wanted to talk. Manic depression calls for calming responses and must not be met with sullenness. For example a child, who cannot concentrate in class, will try to amuse himself by making jokes, this is not because he wants to, it’s because he wants attention, unknowingly he wants a person to stay with him, talk to him, and coax him. Brooding in loneliness is a definite negative in this case. It is of the utmost importance to realize that these patients feel completely alone and rejected, and it is therefore necessary that they be brought in to a state of mind where they can feel themselves to be a part of a Social System (HBSE).

The patient must never be left to his own devices. Just because he has mood swings that result in his attaining an attitude we would generally attribute to that of a sullen grouchy person does not mean that he must be punished by loneliness. There must be under all accounts someone to take care of him. If he feels an air of camaraderie around him there is a good chance he will eventually feel as if he is wanted (Cournoyer, 2003). I would try to become his friend, a confidant. I would be a person to him to whom he can convey his hallucinations to without feeling as if the world will erupt around him in anger, hostility or shock.

It would not be wrong to agree with the approach that Martinez has adapted to the Freire Methodology at this point. It is imperative that the social worker try to understand the state of mind from which the patient perceives the world. This is so because this perception contributes greatly to the correct way in which the patient is treated and since it involves social and cultural influences, it has a significant impact upon the self-confidence that the patient harbors.

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