Essay: Metaphysics

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Before science developed into the sophisticated form that we witness it in today, solutions of problems that had possible associations with science were dealt with and studied under the umbrella of metaphysics. Before the advent of modern science and very well before Aristotle, metaphysics was the most commonly used approach towards scholastic analysis and learning.  Metaphysics incorporates the quest to go beyond standard science and to delve into the real meaning and purpose of the things (Turchin and others, 1993).

“Many philosophers have accepted the judgment that the sort of knowledge sought by the metaphysician is not attainable.” Do you agree with this assessment?

In light of the process of evolution of man and all that man has attained so far from it, it is difficult to determine whether man will some day actually be able to answer the complex questions that the subject matter of metaphysics is composed of. Questions related to universal debates such as the existence of God and the reason and significance of dreams are questions that have seen heated debates since the moment man gained consciousness of the world around him (Ndubuisi, 2004).

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