Essay: Money has been a factor for women, not a priority

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When applying for a position or when working in one, the pay scale is more than often considered to be one of the many factors of the environment and not their first priority. This causes some employers to exercise savings by discouraging women to ask for better remuneration packages.

For instance, to a woman who is married with children, and working at the same time, would give more importance to the timings of her job so that she is able to get home on time for her children or to spruce up the house for the family or any guests coming in the evening. This causes women to opt for jobs where they can adjust their timings accordingly. Knowing this fact, employers more than often under pay the female applicants when they realize that the female applicant needs the job. Also, women have been observed to low-ball themselves in the same regard. Out of wanting the job, women have been observed to over exercise caution and demand a lower pay than the position actually entails.

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