Essay: Oprah Winfrey going against Social Norms

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There have been numerous times when Oprah has chosen to go against social norms and widely accepted beliefs against her show. However, all of her oppositions and rebellions against such social norms and widely accepted beliefs are ones that are justified with knowledge and reason. It is the assessment of social norms and beliefs that she frequently engages in; challenging them for their authenticity and the logic that they hold. In this regard, she comes across as a person who relishes a chance to challenge what the modern day society chooses to adhere to without question. She continues to do so in almost every instance that she makes an appearance.

Her persona has almost always been one that has been observed to be that of a gentlewoman while her attitude has always been one that has been observed to be that of a woman who demands no less from the world than what man chooses to take without question. She continues to stand up for the right of women and continues to support her fight for the rights of women with context after context of logic and reason. Her reliance on logic and reason can also be witnessed in the formats in which experts present information when they come on her show. They are required to show evident and to provide the audience an adequate volume of reasoning. She engages the experts and questions them for the authenticity of the information that they provide while inviting millions of people to do the same. This style, attitude and approach is one that as almost always been distinct to Oprah and her show. While other television talk shows choose to engage in what may be referred to aggression and enticing of the opposing parties, Oprah continues to listen out arguments and to make logic and sense out of information while paving the way for others to do the same.

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