Essay: Piaget’s cognitive constructivism theory

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Piaget’s cognitive constructivism theory centers on children’s cognitive development. According to him, language is just one way in which children use to represent their familiar worlds (Tricia 2004) which is a reflection of thought. He further argues that language and thought are not interrelated, that the child’s cognition develops first and the language later (Tricia 2004)

Vygotsky on the other hand took a different approach to language and hence communication development. He concerned himself with how thought and language are related in their developments. His theory, social constructivism and language aimed to expose the impact that languages have on the thought of a person (Buckley 2003). Bruner and Bakhtin belong to Vygostsky’s theory of language.

According to him Piaget, egocentric speech in children is private speech, which manifests that a child is thinking about something. This is a microcosm of the social path, that language is a social communication necessity (Buckley 2003). This means that language promotes both itself and cognition.

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