Essay: Play and Cognitive behavioral Therapies

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Therapy for John will involve particular activities which aim at distancing his desire for perfectionism from acceptance. At first John is encouraged to follow realistic goals which are set by the therapist. In doing so, John is presented with evidence of how his perfectionism is unreal. Family and group therapy can be incorporated by having the parents visit professionals who can thus direct John on the right requirements especially with regard to academic performance. This will also show him that his hard work pays even without the aspect of self criticism or perfectionism. He can also observe other group members and reflect on his self treatment by comparing it to that of his friends or parents. Through such interactive session, John will eventually develop adequate skills for altering his schema and being less critical and overly demanding to himself.

Both play and cognitive behavioral therapies are bound by legal and ethical constraints. Of great importance is the aspect of confidentiality. Therapists must be keen to maintain confidentiality with their patients and especially in group therapies where there are many individuals who do not want their information disclosed to others. Basically Landreth (2005, p.66) argues that the therapist has an ethical and legal responsibility to their patients by protecting their information through confidentiality. Moreover, in the counseling of children and adolescents, legal authorization is required from the parents or guardians.

In conclusion, a comparison of the two modes of therapy indicates almost similar conclusions but the play therapy emerges rather more effective than the cognitive behavioral therapy. Play therapy has the advantage of treating children and adolescents within their own comfort zone. It brings out realistic and individual based skills which are far more effective in reaching to their inner feelings which eventually results to behavior change Christner et al (2007). However, therapy techniques are determined by unique circumstances being experienced by the children and adolescents.

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