Essay Proofreading

Essay writing takes considerable amount of hard work and understanding o f the topic subject. This is the reason why students consider essay as a difficult task in their examination or as assignments. In that process of writing an essay, one forgets to proofread it, which constitutes the most important part of essay writing. The importance and significance of proofreading increase with increase in the level of study. Hence it acquires the top position in university, for the essay writing at university is not as easy as in lower grades.

None the less, regular practice and the knowledge can make the task of proofreading easy. In order to proofread an essay, one is required to have expertise in every aspect of essay writing and checking. However few of the most pivotal things to be checked in an essay proofreading are as following.

Checking for coherency:

Coherency is the essence of an essay without which an essay becomes colorless. Therefore, in proofreading, there should be a close check on the coherency of an essay, for any vague thought can mislead the examiner or a general reader. None the less, a bare reading can give an idea regarding the coherency of the essay.

Checking for the presence of relative material:

Perhaps, this is the central part of essay proofreading, as it ensures the presence of the relative material as per given topic. First there should be a thorough study of the statement and the subject. This will provide the guidance as to what material should be present in the essay. Failing to it would render the essay baseless.

Vocabulary check:

In addition to all above steps and important checks, one must look for the suitable vocabulary in one’s essay. For example, if a student is writing an essay on the “economic recession in UK and its effects” then he must have the adequate economics related vocabulary. Otherwise the tone of essay would not be related to the topic.

Although writing essay in higher levels become relatively easy, compared to lower levels where more hard work is required, yet the other aspects are very important like essay proofreading. However, the above three main steps are important in essay proofreading.

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