Essay: Research into the host & guest relationship

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Many researchers are of the opinion that a reason for the lack of any conclusive research in the Host & Guest Relationship is present because of the contrast in definitions of what the customer/guest expects from Bread & Breakfast in the first place. According to Customer Satisfaction manuals and codes, the expectation is the probability of the preference that a customer/guest will have, whereas the literature that pertains to service quality chooses to describe expectation as something along different lines. To service quality literature, the expectation should be regarded in terms of the provider of the service, the host, and what services the host ought to provide to the guest.

It was around 1970’s that the accommodation industry reached a point of maturity where substantial research could be carried out. The angle chosen to bring about efficiency from the very beginning was Customer Satisfaction brought about by Service Quality. Over time, service quality was deeply researched into and even though research still continues, substantiation was derived upon the fact that it was service quality that was a direct determinant of the success or failure of the accommodation business. Over time the centre of attention has zoomed in further to concentrate on the management of service quality instead of service quality itself in order to add for a professional element (Felix Broad & Griffiths 2004: p. 55-74).

The significance of the success of the host and guest relationship to the home-stay market is one that has been aptly studied by  Hazel Tucker of the University of Otago and Paul A. Lynch of the Queen Margaret University College have suggested in their research paper titled, Host-Guest Dating: The Potential of Improving the Customer Experience Through Host-Guest Psychographic Matching. In this research study it was suggested that the Psychographic profiling is one of the few tools that should be implemented in order to make sure that the experience for both the parties remains a fruitful one. The article, published in 2004, suggests that if Psychographic profiling was to be carried out on the members of hospitality exchange websites, it would allow for an increase in the probability that the venture will be a success (Tucker & Lynch 2004: p. 11-29).

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