Essay: Selection of Network Type

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Selection of network type depends on many factors and there are great many options for a network connection which include Ethernet, token ring, or ATM. Network connection out stands Ethernet (Comer 2008).

With Ethernet, one can decide about the bandwidth and cost of the connection. TCP transfer of data requires two factors TCP Window size and Round Trip Latency which can give us the bits-per-second throughput of bandwidth. Supposedly one Gig Ethernet link from X to Y has a RT Latency of 30 milliseconds. To transfer this data from a server at X to a the server at Y the best throughput would first require the bytes to be converted to bits i.e. with a 64 KB TCP Window size 64 KB makes 65535 bytes which further makes 65535 * 8 = 524288 bits.

These bits after dividing by RT Latency, with unit of second, not millisecond, i.e. 30 ms making 0.030 seconds, makes 524288 bits / 0.030 sec makes 17476266 bits-per-second which ultimately makes it 17.4 Mbps (Internetwork Experts 2008).

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