Essay: Sociology of crime class

Reviewing and analyzing Kristie Matsuda’s article “The impact of incarcerations on young offenders” reveals that the judgment passed on by the court to the young offenders does affect their lives in a very big way. The study observes the cases of 9,892 young offenders who were sentenced by the court (Matsuda 23).

The report examines the experiences that the offenders went through while serving the sentence, and also looks at the lives of these individuals five years after they were done serving their sentences. Matsuda’s article seeks to answer three basic questions in her quest to find out how the court sentences affects these young offender’s lives. First, she looks at the criteria which the court uses in determining whether a young offender shall be tried as a juvenile or an adult. Next, she examines the important and deprivation factors that predict the recommitment of these offenders. Finally, Matsuda looks into how these sentences affect the future behavior of the offenders by analyzing their lives five years after they finish serving their sentences.

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