Essay: Stereotyping

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Stereotyping is accredited with a significant degree of significance in the study of social psychology. It is for the same reason that the subject has undergone a considerable degree of research and numerous theories have been established to explain the causes because of which stereotyping occurs (DeVine, 1989).

A stereotype is generally perceived to be a perception regarding an entity which is considered to be the most adequate definition for that particular entity. However, the fact that distinguishes a stereotype from a general perception is that it is not a standard definition and can be expected to vary from person to person. The reasons because of which a person develops a stereotype towards a subject have long been studied and it is essential to highlight the fact that the theories regarding the same that have been presented have been observed to be conflicting as well as supplementing at times.

This paper shall explore three different theories that attempt to explain stereotyping. These are theories that attempt to explain the causes because of which stereotyping occurs in people. There have been theories which have argues for prejudice to be an element that is present because of the incomplete evolution of the mind. There have also been theories which have argued for prejudice to be a byproduct of intergroup perception. Theorists have proposed that the development of a tendency to stereotype is an inevitable outcome of the natural cognitive process of categorization. However, as theories regarding stereotypes have continued to come forth, modern day psychology has come to consider these theories collectively in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the same.

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