Essay: Thomas Kuhn and the Paradigm Shift in Science

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Thomas Kuhn’s philosophy can best be understood through the book that became his identity, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, in which he argues about the nature in which science progresses. Thomas Kuhn is of the opinion that the nature of the progress of science is not linear, but undergoes drastic and revolutionary changes periodically. These changes are what Thomas Kuhn refers to as “Paradigm Shifts”.

In a paradigm shift, man comes across more than a scientific development, in fact the entire perspective through which man looks at the world around him changes. A very minor yet prominent example of a paradigm shift can be seen in how scientists chose to develop and adopt Quantum Physics when it became impossible to explain the mechanics of atomic particles. After decades of research in trying to explain the nature of mechanics of particles of atomic size, the only break through the scientific community managed to stumble upon was in the form of having to change the entire frame of constants with which it was viewing the situation. Hence going to prove that sometimes, all that man knows is not enough to solve a problem, and when there is no way out except for a change, a Paradigm Shift occurs.

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