Essay: The Transition of China’s Reformation Process

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The transition of China’s reformation process, in the past 15 years reflects its exhaustive efforts for joining the WTO. The accession of China to the WTO perhaps has had the most massive impact on the legal, economical and political framework of the global market.  Earlier on members of the WTO expressed concerns on the complete compliance on China’s part with that of the WTO, however on closer examination it appears that incomplete conformity is not due to the fact that China does not wish to obey the obligations of the WTO, this is due to the fact that disaffected groups within the country will intentionally tend to destabilize the framework.

On the 17th of September, a long series of talks concluded with the establishment of the terms China was obliged to abide by during it tenure as member of the WTO.

International relation experts believe that the enrollment of China as a WTO member is a direct result of the increasing level of cooperation amongst members of the international community. The WTO provides a system of trade that is much more multilateral in nature than previously adopted systems of trade. It is no wonder that the addition of China in to the WTO was welcomed by all the members of the WTO. China is already one of the most influential economies of the world and is rapidly and aggressively competing to become the largest. The addition of China into the WTO is hailed as the opening of the gateway towards new opportunities for not only all the members of the WTO but also for China as well.

Further on, light shall be shed upon all the efforts on the part of China to qualify as a WTO member, the obligations that the WTO membership places upon China and its legal and trading system, and the endeavors on the part of China to ensure compliance to the WTO obligations.

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