Essay: Types of Domestic Violence

There are different forms of domestic violence where the major ones include physical, violence, psychological assault, sexual violence, economic control and emotional abuse. In physical violence, the abuser uses physical force against the victim. Ways of physical violence include shaking, hitting, biting, grabbing, and shoving, burning, choking, restraining, assault with a weapon and forcing drug or alcohol use. The injuries caused by physical violence may or may not require medical attention. Sexual the United Kingdom involves violation of the bodily integrity of the individual leading to sexual assault. This type includes any unwelcome sexual behavior, sexual harassment, rape, prostitution and coercing sexual contact. Thus, it is the act of sexually demeaning another person through verbal or physical manners. Behaviors that limit the reproductive rights such as forced abortions and prevention of using contractive methods are also considered as sexual abuse. Another type of abuse is psychological abuse that includes threats of harm, intimidation, and isolation.

One partner instills fear in the other one and uses threatening behavior and controlling the victim’s actions and social circles. One can also exert power or manipulate the other to misuses the religious belief which is termed as spiritual abuse and is the type of psychological abuse. An example includes rearing the child for the religious practices without the agreement of the partner and using scripture to justify the abuse. Another type of domestic violence is the emotional abuse when individuals’ sense of self-worth is targeted through name-calling, treating like a slave, constant criticism, embarrassing, humiliating and mocking.

In the economic abuse, the victim is made financially dependent on the abuser as the abuser prevents or forbids the victim to get education and work. Thus, the purpose is to control financial resources or withhold access to financial resources. Not all types of domestic violence are considered as crimes. The Greater threat lies in the situation that violent abusers tend to manipulate the system to enforce actions against their partner or to justify violence as the response to partner’s insult.

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