Essay: Understanding Computer Security

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When referring to computer security it is important to realize that the exact reference is to a branch of computer technology that pertains to information security. It is for the same reason that the concept of computer security incorporates not only the security of the software that has been stored on to the subject computer system but also includes the very physical devices that make up the computer system (Bishop 2002). More than often, any external peripherals attached to the computer system are also referred to under the umbrella of the same classification of computer security when the concern for their security arises. These security threats can be extremely harmful for an individual and for an organization. The examples of these threats are wide and varied. One of the most apt examples of this was of a gang that embezzled more than $20 million. This international gang was headed by a teenager from New Zealand. The gang affected more than million computers and it also includes credit card scams and stole the information of banks. Although this gang was arrested by the FBI but this gang caused serious threats to the security of internet systems (SOPHOS 2007).

Different categories of security threats are widely used by hackers and other individuals and these security threats include worms, spyware, hacker, cookies, symptoms, the dialer and etc. These security threats can harm the computer system quite badly and it would affect the performance of computer system. These viruses possess the attributes of harming the computer system physically and it can also affect the computer software and the normal functioning of the computer system. Statistics suggests that there are more than 65,000 viruses are known and the figures of viruses are increasing. New viruses are programmed everyday and certain scholars and computer experts even suggest that these viruses are programmed by antivirus developers and programmers. (Lehtinen & Gangemi 2006) These viruses and spywares can harm the entire computer system and data can be transferred into another computer system and hackers can hack the data and use it.

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