Essay: Views Against Gay Marriage

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Those against gay marriage generally take their stand based on social norms or are motivated by religious or cultural beliefs (BBC News). This school of thought continues to deny accepting gay marriage as any recognizable form of marriage and denounces it strongly (Honan). They consider same sex marriages to be somewhat unnatural and look down upon people who belong to same sex marriages.

In recent decades, the debate for and against same sex marriages has become all the more critical in light of the fact that a steadily growing number of people have begun to favor same sex marriages and the gay community has come forth more openly than they ever did before. Studies have been conduced and the media has showed that same sex marriages are in fact, no more different than traditional customary marriages (Chait). Couples engaged in same sex marriages have come forth and have shown that same sex marriages mean and cause no harm to society in any way at all.

When considering the question of gay marriage, decades of subjection to heated debates and controversial perspectives have brought the gay community to a point where they now choose to lead cautious lives and while they are willing to express their sexual orientation without any hesitation, they make sure that they do not send out any messages to the larger society that have the potential to be misinterpreted into any meaning that may oppose the idea of gay marriage.

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