Essay: The Young and the Restless

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With regard to Day Time programming, it was observed that a show that has been appealing to the American television audience for well over a decade without any faltering in its acceptance is The Young and the Restless. The show began in 1973 and has been a successful part of daytime television since then. The show has won numerous awards and is considered to be an exemplary case of the successful continuation of a Soap Opera in daytime television (Internet Movie Database).

The Young and the Restless is primarily a Soap that employs the continuous narrative technique effectively as it explores rivalries between families. The soap initially began with a depiction of a rivalry between the Brooks family and the Foster family, each of which belonged to highly contrasting social classes. The success of the show can be judged through the fact that it successfully wrote out its original cast and replaced it with a new one while effectively maintaining the epicenter of the conflict between the original characters.

With over nine thousand episodes to date, the show constitutes a strong depiction of family level conflicts and attempts to reveal the intended as well as the collateral damage that is caused by such expansive conflicts. Spanning across generations, the show stresses on how a conflicting situation can bring out different sides of a person and how it is fatal to judge a person by their apparent exterior. However, apart from highlighting the nature of sensitivity that a scenario acquires in family level conflicts, the show also shows how conflicts of such nature can cause the generation of disagreement and argument within the family (Braeden, Scott and Bergman).

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