Interview Ethics

Interviews are the mode of getting-to-know-someone-before-hiring-them that companies use to get to know someone before hiring them. Written tests can never substitute the personal manner of gleaning information regarding someone and their capability and suitability for a job. While a potential employer has the right to try and judge a person as a candidate for a certain job, it is also important to limit oneself to certain restrictions and adequate levels of respect while interviewing a potential employee. 

If not done in a polite and respectful manner, an interviewer can end up inadvertently damaging the interviewee’s self-confidence. There is no reason to go down that road for potential employers as there are plenty of ways to test a person’s suitability for a job before hiring them. The interviewer should never attempt to embarrass or humiliate any candidate and should do their utmost to protect the privacy of the interviewee and to help them feel comfortable and relaxed during the interview. There should be a level of mutual respect between the interviewer and the interviewee. Instead of going into great depths regarding the interviewee’s personal matters, the interviewer should focus more on open-ended questions that allow the interviewee to fully express themselves about themselves in a manner that they can be comfortable with. It is no use making the candidate feel threatened or mocked or disrespected as no good can ever come of such shameful ways.

There is a responsibility on the part of the interviewer to not only judge the candidate as well as he or she can in the time available and the constraints involved but also to glean as much information as he or she can about the interviewee. This implies that the interviewer should talk about whatever topic he or she wants to talk about keeping in mind that the privacy of the interviewee is important.

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