Limitations of Case Study Approach

While the article is based on a highly relevant subject and methodology of research, a discussion on the credibility of the article would be incomplete unless light was shed on the underlying weaknesses that are prevalent in the paper.

The article makes use of a case study approach in order to carry out the critical discussion. It is imperative to note at this point that the case study approach one that has certain limitations that require realization in order to avoid letting the research fall prey to them (Hanafizadeh and Moayer 2008). In this regard, it is important to note that the case study approach is one that isolates the scope of the research to a significant extent. This limitation is posed by the fact that each scenario tends to be unique and each scenario incorporates its own distinct set of attributes that define its perimeters and its variables. In consideration of this fact, it can be judged that every other scenario is unique and although generalizations can be derived from them, they are still not entirely precise since they are generalizations that are derived from trends that are present as a result of the presence of certain variables. While the research did provide this restriction an adequate degree of recognition, there appeared to be no significant effort to overcome this limitation (Hanafizadeh and Moayer 2008). The authors have limited their efforts with regard to these limitations to the recognition and highlighting of this statement and have not taken any actual steps to overcome this limitation.

Also, the research appears to have been performed through an extensively quantitative approach. The quantitative approach is one that deprives a research of the incorporation of ideas, opinions, attitudes and other similar elements, thereby depriving a study of numerous variables that can only be expressed adequately in a qualitative frame of reference.

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