Methods for writing the theoretical framework

Once the sources for the theoretical framework have been organized, they can be finalized. Remember that before writing, you must be clear about the material with which you are going to work and the usefulness that each of these sources contributes to your research.

Obviously, at this point, you have already read the material, studied its parts and chose the most significant ones for your thesis problem. If you have not done it yet, then it is necessary to comply with that first step in order to continue. It is not an action that you can perform simultaneously, without risk of ending up entangled and with a theoretical framework with numerous problems of organization and logical development.

Once the warning is done, we leave you with a series of methods that can help you create your theoretical framework.


 It consists in the use of a conceptual map that organizes the points to be treated in the thesis. Then, this will serve to delve into the issues and detail each proposed aspect on the map. In this way, it is possible to control the ideas raised and the level of content written. In itself, the conceptual map is a structure that will serve as the basis and support for the theoretical framework. With this method you can hierarchize the contents and establish the relationships between ideas.

This method is ideal to establish clear and orderly comparisons and differences. It also allows to visualize more clearly the distribution of information, which represents a benefit for some people who are not comfortable with the schemes. You can organize the conceptual map chronologically or with thematic criteria, the order you give will be projected in the theoretical framework and, the choice, will depend on the orientation of your thesis.


 Another very effective method is to make an index with the points that must be addressed in the theoretical framework. This index should be very detailed and contain each topic and sub-topic that needs to be described, as part of the theoretical considerations of the thesis. This process must include the background of the investigation, together with the theoretical or conceptual part properly speaking.

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