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The quantitative approach is one that aims to derive utility from the application of statistical tools and instruments on the research and seeks to contribute to the research by scrutinizing the validity of a research hypothesis. A general approach to quantitative research is one that makes use of a sample based data analysis which is then generalized for the population (Detterman, 1985). Since the sample selected has to be subjected to generalization, a significant degree of reliance in this research approach falls on the credibility of the sample selected.

A commonly used sampling method is the random sampling method which is used in areas where a generalized understanding has to be derived. Data acquisition methods in random sampling methods include those such as interviews, survey questionnaires, and the like.

The quantitative research is often brought into use in cases where a number of variables are to be analyzed and their values are to be interpreted to observe and derive behavioral characteristics, patterns and trends that exist among the variables. However, it is essential to understand that the quantitative approach is not one that can be brought into use in all circumstances as a generalized approach on account of certain limitations to that exist within it. Cases such as these are generally observed in scenarios where the data to be accumulated cannot be subjected to statistical instruments of analysis (Gawel 1997). In cases that deal with data elements other than facts and figures, the application of the quantitative approach becomes highly controversial since the conversion of non-quantitative data into quantitative data can compromise the originality of the data.

Similarly, the quantitative research approach falls short in providing adequate research results in cases where the data to be accumulated is of a nature such that it cannot be subjected to gradients of measurements. In cases such as these interpreter and participant bias comes into play all the more significantly.

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