What is a Research Methodology?


Research Methodologies are considered as an important factor as far as analysis of an element is concerned. Research has always been considered as an element of utmost importance because the results that are derived from these methodologies help the researcher in driving a proper conclusion. This thesis is related to human resource management and lean manufacturing and therefore emphasis is laid more on qualitative research and conclusions are derived from this research. In this chapter we will elaborate what are the different methodologies of research and how they are used in this paper. Moreover, emphasis is laid on the limitations of research and best possible methods of research are selected to complete the entire project. This chapter inculcates all the elements that are related to the current research.

One of the most important elements in research is the selection of an appropriate approach and the viability of that approach. This part must be dealt with extreme care and it must be implemented and confirmed during the planning and the evaluation stage of the research project. The concepts regarding the research are quite wide and varied and there are different schools of thoughts about various methods that are practiced and used in the contemporary academia. Throughout the years there have been many suggestions that pertain to different types of methods methodologies that are applied in different fields of research. These methodologies are applied to attain the short and the long term objectives of a research project.

The professionals that conduct research stresses a lot on achieving their targets and objectives, ultimately they reach high quality decisions if the research is conducted in an appropriate manner (McBurney and White 2006).The research design incorporates different elements of a research and one of the most common factors is considered as the process of gathering information and it also incorporates the process of calculating and analyzing the data.

The design of the research also incorporates certain elements like identifying the strategies of research and which approaches are appropriate to conduct a research.

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