Significance of Research Methodology

The research methodology holds immeasurable significant for a research because the degree of authenticity that the research methodology of a research holds serves to determine the degree of authenticity that the findings of the research hold. It is imperative to realize that research in itself is a process through which an individual seeks knowledge of the world around him/her so that he/she can function all the more productively in it (Bajaj 2000). It is for the same reason that modern day research is subjected to extensive systematic procedures in order to ensure that it is free of errors and establishes results in an organized manner.

Fundamentally, the establishment of the research methodology incorporates the establishment of perimeters within which the research is carried out (Berg and Latin 2007). The establishment of these perimeters prior to the execution of the actual research allows the research to be carried out in a manner such that adequate primary and secondary sources are defined. The definition of primary and secondary sources serves to evaluate resources that are available to the research and the establishment of the most appropriate methodology.

A research cannot be expected to be successful unless it follows a research methodology that has been established after a thorough analysis of the variables, characteristics and attributes of the research. Also, it is equally important to give regard to the primary and secondary data sources that are most suitable and most compatible in the case of the subject of the research. Also, it is equally imperative to determine the credibility of the sources used for primary and secondary data. The reason because of which primary and secondary data sources merit particular relevance is that the primary and secondary data sources come together to form what can be considered to be the actual content of the research. However, it is imperative to highlight that one of the many options available for a research include the use of solely primary or solely secondary data sources. However, as mentioned above, it is essential to determine the nature of the research before delving into the actual implementation of the research since an inaccurate research methodology can not only compromise the conclusions and recommendations of the research but can also serve to compromise the research process, leaving the research process stranded half way.

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